Master Classes

Shannon has several master class topics:


“Stravinsky Firebird in all its Mutations”

Examination of practical problems in performing the Firebird Suite, including note and articulation discrepancies, page turns and interaction with other instruments

“ Counting for Dummies – Advanced counting techniques for orchestral auditions”

Exploration of counting techniques, from metronomes and recording

devices to computer generated accompaniments

“Partners – The Orchestra, the Conductor and the Clarinet Section”

Perspectives from the clarinet seat

“Introduction to Intonation Skills”

Explanation of tuning systems and exercises for gaining mastery of intonation

“Do-it-yourself Mozart Ornaments”

Ornament techniques, from the tasteful to the outrageous

Students perform their own ornaments after reading and hearing possibilities

“Mozart Concerto Editions”

A measure-by-measure exploration of possibilities in the Mozart Clarinet Concerto with

recorded examples

“Piano Accompanying Class”

Observations and suggestions to pianists working with clarinetists

“Introduction to Avant-Garde Techniques”

Basics of non-traditional techniques; students perform from actual works, demonstrating various

avant-garde techniques

“Putting Excerpts in Perspective: Solos and Their Orchestral Settings”

Clarinet choir meets the audition list; students play all the

accompanying parts to major orchestral solo passages

“Reed Making By Hand”

Facts of reed life and manufacture; students make a reed from a blank

using a reed knife and sandpaper

“Orchestral Etiquette”

Dos and Don’ts of orchestral family dynamics

Master Classes, Broken Arrow Senior and Intermediate High School, 2000, 2001

All-State audition preparation, general clarinet topics and specific exercises

designed for the repertoire currently under rehearsal

All-State Competition Preparation, Oral Roberts University 1991-94

On-Site recruiting with All-State etude preparation